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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Instructions fun!!

We have been introducing the importance of clear instructions for our new topic of instructional texts. This was a really fun activity that made children think more about the instructions they were giving. One child was drawing exactly what his/her partner was telling them. We had some very interesting drawings in the end 😂.
Mr Flanagan even got in on the fun- a big child at heart really 😀

Instruction Texts

This week in English we have continued with writing instructions. We made jam sandwiches and use the layout of an instruction text to write up the procedure.

We all learned that an instruction text has the following-

- a title
- an opening sentence
- equipment list
- ingredients
- method
-closing statement

We also know that we use time connectives, numbers, pictures, bossy(imperative) verbs, preset tense and prepositions.

We had lots of fun making the sandwiches and some of use even tasted the delicious end result 😊

Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Year

Last week, we learned about New Year resolutions. We discussed what a resolution was and some good ideas for our own resolutions. We discussed what we liked most about last year and what we are most looking forward to this year. We discussed what goals were and came up with our own personal goals for 2017.

We recapped our class rules together and the expectations of work for the New Year.

We are sure 2017 will bring lots of exciting challenges and learning opportunities to all children in Year 3. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Trip to Museum of Islamic Art

We had a lot of fun on our trip to MIA. We got to see the very famous Terracotta Army, all the way from China! 🇨🇳

We then got to make our own warriors out or Terracotta clay. This was very messy but also a lot of fun 😀

After this, we had a picnic in MIA park and then got to play in the play ground!

Shape Poems or Calligrams

Last week and the beginning of this week we were learning about Calligrams- otherwise known as Shape Poems. We had lots of funwith these. We learned how to use rhyming words, similes,metaphors and powerful adjectives. We wrote a poem about chocolate to link to our Creative Curriculum. We really enjoyed this short topic.

We have moved on to persuasive writing and we have looked at the features of writing a persuasive letter.

They are opening statement (e.g. I am writing to you because...,
emotive language ( e.g. I strongly believe, I think that, in myopinion, I'm sure you would agree etc)
Rhetorical questions (questions you don't expect a response to)
Powerful verbs and adjectives.
Facts or making it look factual