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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Shape Poems or Calligrams

Last week and the beginning of this week we were learning about Calligrams- otherwise known as Shape Poems. We had lots of funwith these. We learned how to use rhyming words, similes,metaphors and powerful adjectives. We wrote a poem about chocolate to link to our Creative Curriculum. We really enjoyed this short topic.

We have moved on to persuasive writing and we have looked at the features of writing a persuasive letter.

They are opening statement (e.g. I am writing to you because...,
emotive language ( e.g. I strongly believe, I think that, in myopinion, I'm sure you would agree etc)
Rhetorical questions (questions you don't expect a response to)
Powerful verbs and adjectives.
Facts or making it look factual

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